The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract

The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract - Alyssa Urbano Note: There might be spoilers in the review.

I am really surprised by the reviews. The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract is the debut novel of Alyssa Urbano, and unfortunately it shows. The writing was not refined. I am no expert in English language but I am pretty sure things were not right in the writing department.There were some grammar mistakes and sometimes the sentence structure didn't seem right. Small things were explained a bit too much which, at times, was irritating. I'll just give you some examples.

“Yes. I was still too weak then but when I wake up during the night, I saw her sitting outside our cell and the two of them were talking. Before the sun rose, she was gone.”

“Me? It’s you who kidnapped me here!”

"Alex told me she wanted to come see for herself that I was fine. She thinks we’re still together but we’ve broken up a long time ago." (Here Alex is actually a guy who told him something about Mariette, his ex)

“One month? You’re mine by that time, glikiamou. I accept your challenge.”

“The engagement ring belonged to my grandmother. She gave it to my grandfather for him to give their son’s bride when the day came."

All her life, she’d never heard words more romantic. She’d read them in books and heard them in movies but she never had them being spoken to her...

"Since what happened two years ago, you’ve changed a lot.”

“At first, no. Which bride in their right mind would want a groom drunk enough to fall asleep at his own wedding?” she teased.

Don't even get me started on the story. First of all the story was not original, that can be forgiven since most of the stories these days are not. But the number of clichés cannot and will not be forgiven (I refuse to do so!).
> The bankruptcy
> The resultant marriage contract
> Grandfather's (convenient) heartache
> and of course a healthy serving of misunderstanding
> Near death experience to open the Hero's eyes
It was all a bit too much.

UGH! Cliché

The main story was slow to start. The whole change of timeline and POVs was irritating. The 10 year leap came after first 30% of the book, which if you ask me took quite a long time. To top it all, there was nothing likable about the MCs. I didn't even get the groveling I wanted from the Hero *sigh*. Was that too much to ask for??

Personally, this is not a book I'll recommend anyone.