Bloodfire - Helen   Harper

This review may or may not have spoilers.

Rating: 1.5 stars (look at me being generous *wiping proud tears*)

Recommended to: People who want to read about an idiot with a temper.


I seem to be turning into a hater-reader lately. Nothing seems good enough these days *sigh*.


This book had a lot of issues. Mack (the MC) was dumb. There is no other way to describe her. All that rage and no brain cells. What a sad existence! The evidence pointing that she was not human was practically shouting I AM HERE  but Mack couldn't see it. She believed she was human till 90% of the book.


Here are some things that irked me:

> Mack lives with shifters.
> She is convinced that she is human.
> Her human mother put geas on shifters that prevents them from revealing her identity.
> Alpha can communicate with her through pack link even though she is a human.

> She is a better fighter than shifters.

> The one that drove the nail in; she has bloodfire in her veins that makes her strong.
> Still Mack NEVER doubts that she can be any thing other then a human.
What an idiot.


Role of Corrigan, the supposed hero, was practically non-existent. He has a total of 7-8 scenes in the book including the last one where he saves the day.


I don't know why it is listed as Paranormal Romance because it was NOT .
I didn't like Bloodfire and that's that!