Radiance - Grace Draven A must read for Fantasy Romance lovers.
OMG! Finally an awesome fantasy romance.


Radiance is one of those novels that makes you feel giddy with happiness.

I loved it, loved it, loved it.


Ildiko and Brishen belong to two totally different races. They are literally like day and night. The romance between Ildiko and Brishen was just so sweet. The thing that I liked about Radiance was that there was no insta love or insta hate between Ildiko and Brishen. From the start they have such a sweet and oftentimes funny relationship. There were some really cute scenes between I & B. The people of Kai have still eyes like owls so when Ildiko crosses her eyes Brishen's reaction was so cute and hilarious...

He almost leapt out of his skin when Ildiko stared at him as both of her eyes drifted slowly down and over until they seemed to meet together, separated only by the elegant bridge of her nose.
“Lover of thorns and holy gods!” he yelped and clapped one hand across her eyes to shut out the sight.  “Stop that,” he ordered.
Ildiko laughed and pushed his hand away.  She laughed even harder when she caught sight of his expression.  “Wait,” she gasped on a giggle.  “I can do better.  Want to see me make one eye cross and have the other stay still?”
Brishen reared back.  “No!”  He grimaced.  “Nightmarish.  I’ll thank you to keep that particular talent to yourself, wife.”

Thats another thing I liked about the book, its humor.
I know I am repeating myself but I just loved Radiance. I hope the next book is good as this one. I rarely give 5 stars to a book but Radiance thoroughly deserves it. So a big thumbs up.