Madi's Madcap Bookdiction

Something about me? Hmm. Well, for starters I live in a Castle. The other day I was looking out of my window at the beautiful ocean below when I realized my castle is on the mountain without any view of the Ocean. Strange isn't it? Things like that happen a lot around here. My handmaiden (who believes that she is my sister because I treat her so well!) thinks our cottage needs cleaning. Can you believe it, she called my super cool mansion a hut!

The above crazy talk is the reason why I love to read. You are introduced to so many worlds and so many people and of such variety. Sometimes I get into obsessive reading moods. I read, I read, I read and when I get bored of reading I read some more. Does that make any sense? I switch between epub, paperbacks, and wattpad. The truth is I am not into serious, thought provoking , this-is-philosophy-make-sense-of-it kind of reading. I like light reading. That's all I can think of right now. Toodles :)